Men Talk is published in 2001 as a paperback.
More Men Talk is published as a paperback in 2007.
Men Talk Again is published as a paperback in 2011. Men Talk and More Men Talk are published at the same time at the same time as revised and updated editions.
eBook versions of the paperbacks are published online in the summer of 2011.
Mentalkism’s is completed and published as an ebook in October of 2011.
Men Talk Sex is completed and published in March of 2012.
The Mini Series is completed and published in 2012.
Gay Men Talk is completed and published in June of 2012.
The Men Talk Blog was created so readers can get an idea of the kind of material that is in the books. Some are serious. Some are hot. Most are fun.
Men Talk Insights is a blog I created that is focused on quotes based around mental health and drug/alcohol issues, religion, philosophy, family/relationship issues and more.
Practical Life Strategies is a blog I put together in 2012. The posts are written by me with the idea that a person can access free information for ideas on health, exercise, diet, mental health, family, Drug/alcohol, and philosophical issues.
Quick Insights is another blog I started in 2012. It is the exact same information as Practical Life Strategies but abbreviated into smaller sections making it an easier read.
I have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and MySpace.
I also have a few videos on YouTube discussing the book series with many new videos on the way.
The books are available on Amazon,, B&N, Smashwords and Authorhouse books. Authorhouse is the publisher of the 3 paperbacks, but Amazon and B&N also offer the paperbacks.
Smashwords starts selling my books November of 2012. Smashwords also offers my books through itunes, Sony, Diesel and Kobo.
My newest book “Men Talk Solids, Liquids and Gases” comes out in January, 2013.