This book is an amazing testimony to some of the most secret thoughts of gay men of our times. In a total of 508 quotes, some longer, some just a short sound bite, the author has put together a collection of images and fantasies, as well as “reports” of what really happened that might help you understand multiple aspects of gay life today. As the introduction says: “May be too intense for mature audiences.” You have been warned.It should be required reading for any and all authors of gay fiction and romance, as well as those who like to read it. The level of detail and honesty in these pages will open your eyes, and will put much of what you read in stories or books about gay (and bi) men into perspective. It made me laugh, smile, and gasp, and impressed me with its straightforward and direct style. Nothing added, no reflections or interpretations, just quotes.

If you are curious about your fellow human beings, if you want to find out some of the thoughts of gay men that they might never voice out loud, and if you want honesty, you will probably like this book.

Book Review from “Rainbow Book Reviews”

I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the read. It made me feel like I was eavesdropping on the private conversation of a therapist and his charge. It raises feelings of excitement and edginess at the same time. Your style of recounting your conversations is very vivid and truly descriptive. The fact that there is no hold barred makes it very real for me -J.O.

· “It’s very shocking and I thought I was unshockable.” -Bill
· “I read it every night. I can’t get it out of my head.” -Maria
· “It was very intense and unsettling. It was so intense, at times I had to put it down. Ten minutes later I was reaching for it again.” -Donna
· “I thoroughly enjoyed it. Outstanding. When is the next one coming out.” -Bob M.

“I’m no longer sure I want to know what men think. But I still read the book cover to cover.” -Phyllis

· “I read the whole book in one sitting. I could’nt put it down. I’m reading it again. It needs to be read atleast twice to get the most out of the quotes.” -Phil
· “It’s cool. We all sit around reading it at work, cracking up.” -Christine

“Parts of it disgust me and parts of it excite me. I find I can only read it in small doses. It’s dark and it scares me a little.” -Diane

· “There are quotes in there for everyone. It’s things you think about atleast once in your life, but would never do.” -Ann
· The books are exhilarating, attention getting, can’t-put-it-down reading. Raw, funny, sick, sensual, passionate, caring – about every emotion you can imagine is covered. They are a quick read and not for the prudish – but rather for the open-minded individual who enjoys knowing what is going on in the minds of those around them! – Ken
· For a gay man, all the talk about pussy is a bit off putting, but I love the rather brutal honesty in the observations and quotes. -Rob S.
· Gay Men Talk was so captivating I truly had a difficult time putting it down. I started reading “Gay Men Talk” Mini Book 1 and could not stop until I got to quote 120. Then I took a short break and went right back to finish. When I realized I had read the last quote I thought “oh no that’s the end?” So I went on line and got the 2nd mini. I read the entire “Gay Men Talk Mini Book 2″ in the same evening, which is very unlike me. It was as good and captivating as Mini Book 1.-Ed
· I finished your book. I enjoyed it. I laughed a couple of times recalling similar experiences I’d had. I like that fact that your writing is often so raw. No sugar coating, just raw content and imagery- TG
· I read a lot of the quotes in the book. I think they’re amazing. A lot of them put me in the mood. -Regan

Thanks for another HOT book. I really did enjoy it. I really enjoy reading all of the books now when I travel. Very erotic, sexually stimulating and some parts are even “inspirational”.-KG

· Wow! TJ Peterson has done it once again with “Gay Men Talk”. Another “edgy” but captivating collection of thoughts that go through the minds of men (and some women). As with the previous “Men Talk” series of books, I found myself not able to put it down. Sometimes nodding in agreement, sometimes blushing with embarrassment, and sometimes wondering “who would think of such things”, but all the while very erotically turned on!! The thing I enjoy most about the author’s books is they are raw and honest – thoughts are often unspoken or even denied publicly, but I think, are thought and/or considered by MOST men if they would admit it. Whether straight, bi-sexual or gay, every man should read these books with an open mind. You’ll soon realize you’re not as “alone with our thoughts”, as you thought! I love it. You write with a great passion. I would give it 2 thumbs up – KS
· I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far. I don’t know what everyone’s problem is with it. To me it’s nothing more than people’s observations. You did a very good job putting it together. There were some parts that made me… Excited and other parts I could really relate to from an emotional standpoint – JS
· I did read your book. I found it to be a very good book. It was a very true and accurate insight into the minds of men and sex-RW
· Very steeeeeamy!!